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Date Joined:8 July 2014

Profile Last Updated:19 June 2021



Specialist Area(s):Voiceover, Supporting Artiste / Extra, Singer, Musician, Model, Dancer, Actor

Location:North East


Height:5 ft 1in

Dress Size:12 UK

Collar Size:0in

Waist Size:34in

Waist Size - Middle of the belly:n/a

Waist Size - Above belly:n/a

Chest Size:39in

Shoe Size:6 UK

Inside Leg Size:25in

Hat Size:-


Natural Hair Colour:Medium brown

Hair Colour currently dyed to:-

Hair Length:Long

Facial Hair:-

Skin Type:White

Eye Colour:Brown

Wears Glasses:No

Has a disability:No

If yes, please specify: -

Further Information


Native Language:English

Other Languages:-

Accents:Geordie, Cockney, RP, standard American, Yorkshire, Southern American

Distinguishing Marks:Small scar at the end of left eyebrow. Ears pierced lobe x4 and helix on left ear. Belly pierced.


Willing to travel at short notice:Yes

Skills/Previous Experience:

  • Confident swimmer
  • DBS checked
  • Full driving licence, confident
  • Reading
  • dancing
  • yoga
  • cycling
  • shopping
  • singing
  • going to the cinema
  • theatre goer
  • concert goer
  • listening to music 
  • learning how to play my guitar and ukulele. 
  • I go to singing lessons weekly
  • I can act
  • learn lines
  • dance to a choreographed routine 
  • understand back stage and front of house environments and how to act accordingly in them. 
  • Taught Early Stages at a children's Theatre School every Saturday for three years
  • Have taught some LAMDA lessons at a children's theatre school to help the students prepare for their exams
  • exercise regularly. 
  • I do a lot of research in connection to the characters I am playing and their situations.

Personal Summary:

  • Bubbly
  • Happy
  • Love all aspects of performing arts
  • Loves to try new things
  • Loves adventure
  • Will dye hair any colour
  • Belly, helix and ears (lobes) pierced but can be easily taken out. 
  • Ultimately my ambition is to become a successful actress/performer and work in work in film, television or theatre.

  • Attended a Children's theatre school from ages of 9 - 17
  • I studied and took LAMDA exams. I achieved a distinction in my Gold Medal Exam. 
  • Have a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Acting
  • I have taught LAMDA lessons and the Pre School class at a children's theatre school ( 2 - 4 years) 
  • Foundation and Standard Award Stage Combat. Achieved a Distinction (December 2018)
  • Currently starting my third year of studying Musical Theatre at University. Graduating in July 2020
  • Completed NE14.TV SA Course.

  • Student Film: The Wrong One - Rosie (2014)
  • Student Film: At The Coalaface - Model (2015)
  • Astravaganza Entertainment - Priscilla Queen of the Desert: The Musical: Ensemble (2017)
  • ITV'S Vera - Season 8 : supporting artist (2018)
  • BBC Proms Youth Choir : soprano singer (2018)
  • modelled in two student hair showcases.
  • Astravaganza Entertainment - The Producers: Ensemble (2018)
  • ITV'S Vera - Season 9, episode 4: supporting artist (2019)
  • Dagger Studios - Death Sentence : woman (2019)
  • Dagger Studios - When It Rains : Danielle (2019)
  • Dagger Studios - Fragments : Victim (2019)
  • ITV'S Vera - Season 10 : supporting artist (2019)
  • The Snow Queen at Northern Stage : Ensemble / Understudy Gerda (2019)
  • Tyne Theatre Productions - The Full Monty : Susan / Ensemble (2020)


License for Car:Yes

License for Motorcycle:No

License for HGV:No

License for PCV:No







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