You should find answers to any queries here, but if not please use the contact form and we'll aim to respond as quickly as possible.

There is a small waiting period from completion of sign up until you are approved onto our website. Please make sure you have filled out all fields and included pictures.

Is it Free to join NE1?

Yes it is. It is actually illegal for agencies to charge clients to be on their books - see Finding work through an entertainment or modelling agency for more info.

The agents at NE1 work hard to match clients with appropriate jobs to their skills and experience. We do take 15% of any money earned under £100 and 20% for anything over £100 with a portion of our commissions going towards supporting two local charities which are Shine and Circus Starr.

It is, however, your responsibility to declare and pay your tax contributions.

If we don't find you work, you pay nothing, so what have you got to lose by registering here now!!

What's involved in being an SA / Extra?

In the TV/film world, Supporting Artistes (SAs), Background Artists, Extras are used to make a scene real.

  • Clothes: The costume department will phone you and tell you what to bring with you, and it's always helpful if you bring a few changes as the colour might be wrong for the camera. If it is a period drama obviously they will supply the necessary costumes. Generally it is sensible to avoid all black, bright white, small checks, or large obvious logos.
  • Working hours: The production may keep you all day, but whatever you do, whether it be 2 hours or 10, you will be paid the same amount. In other words you will be paid a daily rate, which will differ from job to job.
  • Transport: You will be expected to make your own way to and from the set. Transport will normally be provided if they move to other locations during your contract time.
  • Payment: Production companies usually pay on a monthly basis, so you will generally receive payment within 28 days of work that you undertake although we only pay you when we get paid from the company.
  • Representation: Please remember you are representing NE1 and your registration will be deleted if we hear you've not adhered to the following:
    1. Pay attention to what you are asked to bring with you and wear
    2. Arrive in good time and check in with named contact
    3. DO NOT approach cast or crew
    4. DO NOT photograph cast or crew
    5. Turn mobile phones OFF
    6. DO NOT announce your whereabouts on Social Media
    7. Be quiet on and around set at all times

Once your filming is over, you should contact NE1 to confirm what time you finished and if you were asked to perform anything extra or to return another day.

Can you provide a bespoke service?

You can use the search facility above to select our clients you may be interested in and automatically forward them to us to check their availability.

We hope this website will provide solutions for the needs of production companies, but we are always more than happy to talk in person about particular requirements.

How do I get work now I'm registered with NE1?

In other words, "What happens next...?"

We contact you...

We get hundreds of jobs in every week and use the criteria listed in the brief to search our database of clients:

  • IF the production team get back to us, they let us know who they want to meet, when and where, and we contact you again to arrange. You will normally not hear back from us if they don't want to see you!
  • You go for the audition and the Casting Director contacts us again if you are successful, or they want to recall you, and we tell you. You need to be prepared to cover your own travel/accommodation costs.
You contact us...

From the hundreds of jobs we get every week, some are posted on Twitter and Facebook:

  • If you see a post that interests you, follow the instructions - e.g. either email or telephone the Agent named, to request the brief.
  • Once you've read it thoroughly, reply saying whether you want to be put forward. Include your Profile link or username, briefly stating why you would be suitable, and give any other relevant links or info.
  • If we think you're suitable, we submit your profile link, photos & physical characteristics (so these must be kept up to date) to the Casting Director on the production.
  • IF they get back to us, they let us know who they want to meet, when and where, and we contact you again to arrange. You will not hear back from us if they don't want to see you!
  • You go for the audition and the Casting Director contacts us again if you are successful, or they want to recall you, etc. You need to be prepared to cover your own travel/accommodation costs.


  1. If you cannot make the dates stated, either casting, rehearsal, stills or production
  2. If you cannot get yourself to the location
  3. If you cannot fulfill the criteria

Why can't I view my profile page?

Although you'll be able to view it when you're logged in, your profile page may not be live on the site due to any one of the following reasons:


If you can try and put all your details on yourself if not find someone who is good with computers and ask them, it's just we need to spend our time looking for work. 

  1. Your photo(s) may be missing, inappropriate or not good enough
    1. Headshot needs to be a clean, clear, face-on picture of YOU alone
    2. Full length can be of you sitting or standing
    3. Images must be greater than 183pixels wide
  2. You have not detailed any experience yet have ticked the 'actor' category (see "I want to be an Actor but haven't any experience" below)
  3. You haven't filled in enough information about yourself, ie. Measurements, Characteristcs, Further Information...
  4. Your username is too like your real name and therefore identifies you
  5. Children 0-15years must have their parent/carer's contact details listed
  6. We have a backlog and will approve in due course! Give us a nudge if more than 24-hours ;-)

Until these are rectified, no production agencies can find you, and we can't put you forward for work.

I want to be an Actor but haven't any experience...

Please tick as many categories as you feel you fit into. However, if you don't back this up by listing your experience, your profile will not be approved. For example: if you want to be an actor but haven't any experience yet, please state that in the Further Info field, and only tick 'Supporting Artiste / Extra' box. Once you have experience we'll consider upgrading you.

What's involved in licencing children?

The licensing of children (under 16) is intended to safeguard their education, health and welfare. The Education Welfare Service is responsible for the issuing and supervision of licences on behalf of the Local Authority.

We can help you with this.

You will need:

  • A letter from your doctor saying your child is fit and well
  • A letter from the school allowing them time off (if applicable)
  • 2 passport photos

See Newcastle.gov.uk

Do I need a Chaperone?

If a child (under 16) takes part in a performance for which they need a licence, this can include TV or filming, theatre, sporting activities or modelling. They will also require a chaperone (matron) who is responsible for their welfare.

See http://www.newcastle.gov.uk/education-and-learning/childcare/chaperone-information

Can I have more than one Agent representing me?

Of course - you get the work where you can!

However, if NE1 put you forward for a casting, you must inform the production company of our name and contact details (not your own), and if another agent offers you the same audition, you must let them know you're already attending.

Our Agency details are: NE1, 0191-2651196, info@ne14.tv

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Testimonials of Clients

"Thanks for giving me my first opportunity being a supporting artiste. I thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot at Team Valley today and met some friendly and interesting people."

- Graham Dodds, (One of NE14.TV's Artistes)

"You have been a fabulous member of our team - Thank you"
- Mary Owen, (Line Producer on Harriets Army)

"It was a real pleasure working with you, you were a life saver at times so thank you a lot!" 

- Paul Daintree, (Harriets Army)

"MTP would like to thank the team at NE14.TV for their help with our recent commercial highlighting the health harms associated with smoking tobacco. NE14.TV supplied two very professional cast members in the form of Joanne & Owen Cook - both of whom delivered natural performances throughout. It's safe to say the director and everyone else involved with the shoot are pleased with the final result which will air later in February. Thank you Bessie, Joanne & Owen!"

- MTP Productions.

"Been a pleasure Bessie - you provided us with some excellent folk! Look forward to having the chance to work together again."

- Mark Devlin, (Baby Cow Productions, Hebburn)

"We wanted to mention to you that all the artists, from the featured guys to the most background of extras were great. So many of the crew; especially the costume, AD departments, even the director commented how lovely and keen everyone was. Especially all those miners getting covered in black stuff for a long day and getting truly stuck in. It was a refreshing pleasure and the ads look great, so thanks to all your guys."

- Sophie Hubble (Stink, Brown Ale Advert)

"I contacted Bessie with a very challenging and complicated project for Puma football, not only did NE14.TV do an outstanding job of finding some amazing characters for a very tricky brief but they were also very usefully and proactive as a production services company. We found this to be invaluable. We were able to gain easy access to some amazing people and places in Newcastle that would have otherwise been unavailable or very difficult for a London Production company to find."

- James Covill, (Executive Producer, Hungryman)

"It was recommended that I get in touch with Bessie for help with our project's casting and wardrobe requirements and I am so glad that we did. From start to finish NE14.TV has been a tremendous and invaluable resource, and we owe so much of our production's success to them. Many thanks to Bessie and her team!"

- Whitney Staples (New York, Brown Ale Advert)

"We had a great day shooting and got some amazing images thanks."

- Darren (Aspers Casino)