Sean Craig Turner


Personal Details

Date Joined:22 April 2013

Profile Last Updated:30 August 2018



Specialist Area(s):Voiceover, Supporting Artiste / Extra, Presenter, Model, Lookalike, Actor

Location:North East


Height:5 ft 7in

Dress Size:-

Collar Size:16.5in

Waist Size:33in

Waist Size - Middle of the belly:36in

Waist Size - Above belly:37in

Chest Size:39in

Shoe Size:8 UK

Inside Leg Size:30in

Hat Size:7 3/4 (24 5/8")in


Natural Hair Colour:Medium brown

Hair Colour currently dyed to:-

Hair Length:Cropped

Facial Hair:Short beard

Skin Type:White

Eye Colour:Blue

Wears Glasses:No

Has a disability:Yes

If yes, please specify: i am dyslexic but can read fine i prefer to get a script the day before so i can fertilize myself with it.

Further Information


Native Language:english

Other Languages:-

Accents:Geordie, R.P. Irish

Distinguishing Marks:4 tattoos. one on lower right leg. two on right arm and one on upper left arm.


Willing to travel at short notice:Yes

Skills/Previous Experience:
I studied drama and acting at south Tyneside College and graduated from Northumbria University with a degree in acting in 2006. i'm capable a number of different characters ranging from comic to emotional. In my spare time I enjoy swimming bike riding and going to the gym. I also enjoy watching and participating in stand up comedy,  musicals and plays.

Personal Summary:
 I have acting experience both  in Theatre  film and stand up comedy. I've been working as a stand up comic for 5 years and have completed five month long Edinburgh shows more details on my website below. I was a finalist in the search for a star 2013 competition and appeared in loaded magazine and I should be appearing on Loaded TV in the near future. 


License for Car:Yes

License for Motorcycle:No

License for HGV:No

License for PCV:No







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