Sean Craig Turner


Personal Details

Date Joined:22 April 2013

Profile Last Updated:8 May 2022



Specialist Area(s):Voiceover, Supporting Artiste / Extra, Presenter, Model, Lookalike, Actor

Location:North East


Height:5 ft 7in

Dress Size:-

Collar Size:16.5in

Waist Size:33in

Waist Size - Middle of the belly:34in

Waist Size - Above belly:37in

Chest Size:39in

Shoe Size:8 UK

Inside Leg Size:30in

Hat Size:7 3/4 (24 5/8")in


Natural Hair Colour:Medium brown

Hair Colour currently dyed to:-

Hair Length:Cropped

Facial Hair:Short beard

Skin Type:White

Eye Colour:Blue

Wears Glasses:No

Has a disability:Yes

If yes, please specify: I have dyslexia. I can read fine but for auditions if possible I would prefer the excerpt of the script I will be reading so I can familiarise and work on the character. :) .

Further Information

Lookalike:James Dean Bradfield, Andy Serkis a young Jeff off biker grove.

Native Language:English

Other Languages:-

Accents:Geordie, R.P. Irish

Distinguishing Marks:4 tattoos. one on lower right leg. two on right arm and one on upper left arm.


Willing to travel at short notice:Yes

Skills/Previous Experience:
I'm a stand-up comedian and Actor. How to describe my comic style? Think if Bob Mortimer had a love child with Rik Mayall and then I was raised by some very dry Geordie humans. have B-tec in performing arts and a BA in Honor in drama and acting. I'm a strong swimmer I am a good speaker and can empathize with people. I'm good at making people laugh. I'm a strong comic actor I know how to work an audience and can play as straight rolls as well.  I have been in a good number of plays over the years and also done some tv work links to which can be found on my website along with more photos of me in action.  Playing all sorts of parts from Bottom in a midsummer night dream to Sprigs in Eric Chappell play Theft. 

Personal Summary:
I have a dry wit but I'm also surreal. I like to play different people from comic characters to old people I even played an old woman once. or a man pretending to be an old woman. I've been acting since I was 21 and I still love it. I started to stand up comedy around ten years ago and have done the Edinburgh festival a few times. I've done T.V work with my comedy and acting but I'm mainly involved in stage work. I would like to do more TV work may be a part in a drama or a soap one day. Or a comedy series that would be great. 
thanks for looking
if you would like to know more about my work My website is seanturnercomic.
I have videos of my acting history and comedy work.there. I have a very expressive face so if you would like to see my range there is also a lot more photos and headshots on there feel welcome to take a look.
thanks again :)


License for Car:Yes

License for Motorcycle:No

License for HGV:No

License for PCV:No







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