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Date Joined:8 March 2012

Profile Last Updated:5 September 2018



Specialist Area(s):Voiceover, Supporting Artiste / Extra, Singer, Presenter, Model, Actor

Location:North East


Height:5 ft 4in

Dress Size:8 UK

Collar Size:0in

Waist Size:26in

Waist Size - Middle of the belly:n/a

Waist Size - Above belly:n/a

Chest Size:32in

Shoe Size:4 UK

Inside Leg Size:29in

Hat Size:7 (22 1/4")in


Natural Hair Colour:Dark brown

Hair Colour currently dyed to:-

Hair Length:Long

Facial Hair:-

Skin Type:White

Eye Colour:Brown

Wears Glasses:No

Has a disability:No

If yes, please specify: -

Further Information


Native Language:ENGLISH

Other Languages:-

Accents:English RP, Geordie, Cockney, French, Russian, Irish, Southern American, West Coast American

Distinguishing Marks:-


Willing to travel at short notice:Yes

Skills/Previous Experience:
Singing (Soprano) 
Horse Riding
Rock Climbing
CRB (Clean)
Dancing (range of styles-Cabaret/Burlesque)  

Personal Summary:

Nicola Michelle Airey is an international actress and model and has performed as Sylv in Berkoff's EAST, Madeline Bray in Nicholas Nickleby, Anna in Closer, Lemuel Gulliver in Gulliver's Travels, Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Anne Boleyn, Samantha in Forget me Knot, Amy Randell in TAPE, Kazia in The Interview: Story of the Holocaust, In the Night Garden LIVE! and worked in many film productions such as No Honour, No Choice staring Harvey Virdi and Pooja Shah, Warren Speed's Zombie Women of Satan and Feature Film Ways to Live Forever staring Ben Chaplin, Alex Etel, Emilia Fox, Robbie Kay, Phyllida Law, Greta Scacchi and Natalia Tena.

As an Actor, singer, dancer and model Nicola is a well rounded performer keen rock climber and horse rider who explores diverse styles of dance performing in numerous Caberet and Burlesque shows. Nicola has experience in gun handelling and world wide international experience in modelling from Europe and Asia to the UK and USA.

Nicola Michelle Airey has Directed shows such as JM Barrie's Peter Pan and West End Musical Billy Elliott and worked as a Stage Manager in the Journal Tyne Theatre and the Peoples Theatre and for shows such as Cassa Belini, House of the Golden Lotus, Grindhouse, Dixie's Doll House and Bordello Bordello.

She has also worked with numerous community arts programs including a community arts project based at Bedes World. She has experience working with young children as a professional teacher.

In 2009 she completed a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Contemporary Acting.


License for Car:No

License for Motorcycle:No

License for HGV:No

License for PCV:No







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