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Date Joined:16 December 2011

Profile Last Updated:3 May 2019



Specialist Area(s):Voiceover, Supporting Artiste / Extra, Model, Actor

Location:North East


Height:5 ft 8in

Dress Size:-

Collar Size:14.5in

Waist Size:32in

Waist Size - Middle of the belly:34in

Waist Size - Above belly:35in

Chest Size:37in

Shoe Size:8 UK

Inside Leg Size:30in

Hat Size:7 1/4 (23")in


Natural Hair Colour:Dark brown

Hair Colour currently dyed to:-

Hair Length:Cropped

Facial Hair:None / Clean Shaven

Skin Type:Olive

Eye Colour:Hazel

Wears Glasses:No

Has a disability:No

If yes, please specify: -

Further Information


Native Language:English

Other Languages:Portuguese


Distinguishing Marks:Small tattoo on right arm


Willing to travel at short notice:Yes

Skills/Previous Experience:

Having been part of the Durham Army Cadet Force for several years, I represented Durham county as a Corporal in the ACF in several nationwide shooting and First Aid completions. Led the Remembrance Day parade each year for Hebburn and Jarrow with my detachment who I also trained and taught many subjects to, ranging from First Aid, Skill at Arms, Map and Compass, Drill and Field craft in my role as Detachment Commander.

Weapons training, handling and experience:

  • SA80 and SA80-A2 (Have fired both with live and blank ammunition with ACF as part of competitions)
  • Full Bore Target Rifle (Have fired with live ammunition during a couple of regional competitions with ACF)
  • WWI/II Lee Enfield Rifle (Have fired with live ammunition many times as a starting weapon with ACF) 
  • Single and double-barrelled Shotgun (Clay pigeon shooting with ACF) 
  • Archery (Both with ACF and in own time)

Most of the time I want nothing more than to be outside, so I've always taken the opportunities I had to do as many outdoor activities as possible. 

Water related skills and experience:

  • K2F White water kayaking qualification (I spent about a week in Wales learning to kayak with a small group of people from around the UK. This consisted of capsize training in a pool, learning about the equipment and navigating my way through fast flowing water)
  • Jet skiing (I have had a small amount of jet ski experience in Algarve on holiday and in South Shields while learning to sail)
  • Sailing (I spent several months learning to sail in the Tyne Harbour with South Shields sailing club) 
  • Have conducted 5 bedroom yacht (I received a few hours of training while on holiday in order to sail a 5 bedroom yacht me and my family were hiring for a week. We sailed a few hundred miles around Portugal and Spain)

General outdoor skills and experience:

  • Have been indoor and outdoor rocking climbing several times (With ACF, school and in my own time)
  • Hiking (I have hiked many hundreds of miles across the UK throughout my time at the ACF)
  • Skydiving (My Dad works in Aviation, is a Private Pilot and has done over 250 skydives so me and my sister were pretty much pushed off the plane)
  • Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award (I achieved this during my time at the ACF)

Personal Summary:
I currently work as a Driving Instructor and as much as I enjoy it, it can be quite tedious and repetitive so I use my interest in the Film and TV Industry as an escape.

Professional skills and experience:

  • Supporting Artist on VERA - Season 9
  • Voice over for a real sexual assault victim as part of an awareness campaign - screened in South Tyneside Cinema
  • 5-Star Supporting Artist with NE14.TV
  • Fully First Aid trained and qualified (Involved in several real life situations as well as staged role play as part of training and competitions in cadets)
  • Qualified Phlebotomist


License for Car:Yes

License for Motorcycle:No

License for HGV:No

License for PCV:No







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